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Wedding on top of Mount Everest

A Nepalese couple have exchanged wedding vows on top of Mount Everest, the first people ever to marry there. They briefly took off their oxygen masks and put on plastic garlands, while the groom symbolically applied red powder on the bride's forehead.Moni Mule Pati and Pem Dorjee Sherpa were part of the Rotary Centennial Everest Expedition earlier this more
Wedding held on top of he World 

Two Nepalese climbers were on top of the world this week — not only because they reached the top of Mount Everest but because they got married there in what was believed to be the first wedding on the summit.
It was a brief ceremony with no procession, champagne or band — only piles of snow and a breathtaking panorama for bride Moni Mulepati, 24, and groom Pem Dorjee, 23, as they exchanged their vows at 29,035 feet on more

Pair wed on Everest
A PAIR of Nepalese climbers have taken the joy of marriage to new heights by exchanging vows on the summit of Mount Everest.

There was no procession, champagne or band only piles of snow and a breathtaking panorama for bride Moni Mulepati, 24, and groom Pem Dorjee, 23, as they were wed at the 8,850-meter summit on Monday.
"We were there only for 10 minutes, just enough for us to get married and our friends to take pictures of us," Mulepati said.
The couple was part of the Rotary Centennial Everest Expedition and scaled the peak with 45 other more 

New twist to Everest love story  

A Nepali couple who tied the knot on top of the world’s highest peak has now released a book on their adventures. The book Motinaya Sagarmatha — (The Everest of romance) — is written by Kathmandu girl Moni Mulepati, 27, and Sherpa boy Pem Dorjee Sherpa, 26, who married atop the peak on August 30, 2005. Being the first Newar to scale the peak, Mulepati co-authored the book with her husband in the Newari more 


1st marriage on Mt. Qomolangma summit held

Moni Mulepati, the first non-Sherpa Nepali woman who scaled Mt. Qomolangma, has created a history by wedding on top of the world's highest peak.


Mulepati, 24, had wed with her team member Pem Dorje Sherpa after reaching the summit from Nepali side on Monday.

Mulepati and Sherpa revealed about their marriage upon arrival at the Kathmandu airport Thursday more 

Victory and a wedding on Everest  

KATHMANDU: At least 21 climbers from four different expedition teams scaled Mount Everest on Thursday, on a day the history of Nepalese mountaineering turned romantic as well: two summiteers who got married at the summit before descending safely, arrived here from the base more 


Nepalese couple wed on Mt Everest

Two Nepalese climbers have exchanged vows on the summit of Mount Everest.While there was no wedding procession or champagne, there was a breathtaking view from the top of the 8,850-metre peak.Moni Mulepati, 24, and his 23-year-old bride Pem Dorjee, say they conducted the ceremony on the mountain's so-called death zone, where conditions are extremely dangerous.They had been a part of the Rotary Centennial Everest Expedition, which finally reached the peak along with 45 climbers from other more